As the adoption of far-right views is not a clear cut process, statistics on the amount of young people who start on this path is difficult to come by. However, it is known that around 6,000 people per year are referred to the Government's Prevent Programme for support.

There have been a number of high profile cases of hate crimes and child immigration in recent years, that are heavily linked to religious extremism.

Like most crime involving young people, the process usually starts with the targeting of vulnerable children.

Our Impact

Boredom, isolation, blocked social mobility, a lack of positive role models/emotional support, and disaffection with politics/authority are understood to be the main causal factors that leave a young person vulnerable to indoctrination.

We have taken great care to ensure the Platform Cricket Programme's "Pop Up" Clubs effectively address these issues and reduce the vulnerability of our participants.

Our front-line staff also receive regular training that enable them to identify the potential signs of radicalisation, and they are provided with a safeguarding support network that allows for confidential reporting of concerns.